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Book one of our ponies for your event! We have a variety of ponies that we use. All of our ponies are well trained and well behaved. All ponies are handled by one of our trained staff members. We offer hand led pony rides which are great for birthday parties or small events. We provide the saddle which is equipped with a seat belt to keep your child secure and safe! You can book up to two ponies for hand led rides. If you'd like more ponies then we offer a four pony carousel which is where the ponies go around in a circle like at the fair. This is great for large events. Don't forget we also offer Unicorn Parties with our all white ponies!

Pony Rules:

  • Ponies must have a lot of space to work. The crowd must be contained & cannot walk in the path of the pony rides.
  • Pony Rides cannot be near live music or loud speakers!
  • Pony Rides cannot work right next to jumpers or bouncy houses, but the jumpers can be off in the distance.
  • 70bs is the max weight we allow to ride the pony (we usually bring a scale to confirm)
  • Parents might fully lift their child onto the pony (no using the stirrups - its bad for the ponies back if done over and over all day)
  • A parent or adult must be available to lift the child on if they want to ride the pony. 
  • No parents walking alongside the pony
  • You cannot pick what pony comes to your event unless you booked the unicorn, then you will get Cloud or Arabella.