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  • We arrive about 30 minutes early at no charge to you to start setting up.
  • We require a clear path from our truck to the set up location. We cannot have obstacles in our way. This includes your guests!
  • Please contain the crowd while we set up the petting zoo & please keep your guests out of the path of the pony while we do our rides!
  • We require the closest set up from parking for the petting zoo. If over 50- 100ft away from parking you'll be charged a fee.
  • We require reserved parking! If this is a home we require parking out front along the curb. We need about 4-6 car lengths. We cannot back up. We cannot park in your driveway if we have the horse trailer. Schools, churches, and businesses please reserve an area for us where it meets our requirements. We can make a large u turn if we are in a large enough space. We don't do any backing up.
  • We can leave and your deposit will be kept if ideal parking is not provided or able to be achieved. 
  • We cannot bring a trailer if your street is a dead end. Wide Cul De Sacs are okay.
  • For the petting zoo, in the event of weather 80 degrees or warmer you'll be required to provide shade. A canopy or ez up is preferred.
  • For parks you'll be required to call the city and ask if they require a permit. If they do, you are required to pull this permit. If we arrive and are unable to set up or have to leave because the correct permits were not pulled you'll still be responsible for paying the full balance.
  • NO LOUD MUSIC NEAR THE ANIMALS! We understand most events will have music. Keep it at a reasonable level and don't have us set up right next to speakers.
  • After you place your deposit the remaining balance is due the day of, preferably in cash. Schools & Churches can pay with a check. We must leave with payment the same day!


  • Ponies must have a lot of space to work. The crowd must be contained & cannot walk in the path of the pony rides.
  • Pony Rides cannot be near live music or loud speakers!
  • Pony Rides cannot work right next to jumpers or bouncy houses, but the jumpers can be off in the distance.
  • 70lbs is the max weight we allow to ride the pony (we usually bring a scale to confirm.
  • Parents might fully lift their child onto the pony (no using the stirrups)
  • A parent or adult must be available to lift the child on if they want to ride the pony. We will not lift the child on.
  • No parents walking alongside the pony
  • You cannot pick what pony comes to your event unless you booked the unicorn, then you will get Cloud.